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7 Foods For People With Gastric Acid

Choosing foods for people with stomach acid can sometimes be quite confusing. Because, if the wrong choice of food, stomach acid production can increase and worsen complaints due to stomach acid disease suffered. Examples of foods that can trigger acid reflux are chocolate, high-fat foods, spicy foods, sour fruits, tomatoes, onions, and garlic. Check out the following information, to find out good food choices for sufferers of stomach acid or GERD. Food Choices for Gastric Acid Sufferers Here are some types of foods suitable for consumption of people with stomach acid, to prevent and overcome symptoms due to this disease: Oatmeal People with acid reflux disease require foods that are rich in fiber to overcome the symptoms of acid reflux disease. This is because the fiber contained in food can absorb stomach acid, thereby relieving symptoms of gastric acid reflux. In addition, oatmeal is not only rich in fiber but can also make you full longer. Ginger This one herb not
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Obesity already children, Here's How to Overcome it

Obesity is also called being overweight or overweight. Fat children sometimes make people who see it annoyed. This often makes parents feel they do not need to go to the doctor, even though obesity is also a form of malnutrition in addition to malnutrition, you know, Father and Mother. Childhood obesity is increasing at this time. In Indonesia, almost 20% of children are obese. In developed countries, even more children are obese. Obesity in childhood has the potential to cause airway obstruction during sleep, or also called obstructive sleep apneu syndrome (OSAS), characterized by snoring sleep. Other problems that are often encountered in children with obesity are disorders of posture and bone development, skin disorders, psychosocial problems, or allergies. Obesity in childhood is also related to obesity as an adult, which has the potential to cause various diseases, such as diabetes and heart disease. Then, what if our children are already obese? Handling of obesity depends on

Get to know Double Gender Closer

Double or ambiguous genitalia is a rare condition in which the appearance of a newborn's genital organs is unclear, whether female or male. Double sex is not a disease, but rather a disorder of the development of sexual organs that affects the sexual development of children. Double sex is not always immediately recognized by pregnancy examination or immediately after the baby is born. To ascertain the sex of the baby with multiple sexes, the doctor requires further examination after delivery. Why Does Double Gender Occur? This condition can be known through many terms, such as ambiguous genitalia, hermaphrody, or intersex. In general, a baby is called having multiple sex if: Having ovaries and testicles with external genitalia that are not clear, whether male or female. Having an ovary and external genitalia shape that resembles a penis. Having external female genitals (including vulva) and undescended testicles (so the testicular sac does not contain testicles). Double